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What Our Customers Are Saying



I am so happy that we added the GPS Tracking Network units to our vehicle fleet a little over a year ago. We started with 1 to try it out and now we have GPS on all of our company vehicles. Of course they help me with the basics of seeing where my drivers are which helps me to let customers know how close their delivery is.
*Along the way we have had to use it to find a driver and guide him in the direction he needs to go, in case he has been misguided by a printed map.
*I handle the payroll and when an employee hand writes their hours worked for a day out on the road, I can go online and double check the hours reported. (And I have found a few “errors” but I print out the log and the GPS says it all)
*I brag to my insurance broker how we have GPS and with certain carriers, you can even receive a discount on your auto policy.
*I have the speeding feature on all my trucks and I am emailed immediately once they go over 75mph, I give them friendly reminders to slow down and be safe
*I also like the feature of how you can put in your odometer mileage and be notify you when you need maintenance
*The price is a good value as well
Thank you for your time! :)


Cheryl Sentipal
Accounting Executive
Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc.



Since I have installed the  GPS Tracking Network trackers in my trucks I have been able to monitor my trucks more closely. It saves time not having to call drivers.  It also saves money on fuel, because I can catch drivers out of route and make them responsible.  I don t have to wait for the driver to call in and tell me where he is, which makes the communication better with my customers. Customers can also go online and monitor the progress of their loads which gives them more security tracking their load across the United States. They know it’s on the way every step of the way. My drivers and dispatchers like being able to program routs and the different things it does. Never have to worry about that disgruntled employee that wants to leave and abandon a truck, and not tell you where it is, because you already know. It keeps the honest- honest because they know you’re watching. For that driver that has the led foot that always says I never speed and gets 3.5 miles a gallon when it should be 5.5 gallons per mile, I can say look how fast you’re going and look at how much your costing the company .The GPS Tracking Network has increased efficiency all around and given us an easier way to communicate.  It also helps with IFTA taxes, and so much more.                 
 Dave Brock 

Brocks Transport, Inc.  



We love our GPS Tracking Network t monitoring service.  As a small landscape service company, servicing all of San Diego County, our trucks are constantly on the move.  Now we know where they are, how long they been there, and how they are driving.
Time loss has shrunk considerably as we have shown employees we are watching all the time.
Great Product.           

Craig, Owner- Pacific Sunscapes





" The GPS Tracking Network has played an integral part of raising my children. I have used it as a deterrent for impulsive actions, an “out” the kids can give their friends for why they can’t do something or go somewhere, and as an easy way to find a lost car in the parking lot of Texas Motor Speedway! I informed the kids the tracking would be installed on both cars. It is a way to trust, but verify. It gives kids the boundaries they desperately need and want.
Just this year I removed one tracking device; my son graduated and is currently enrolled in law school. The other device will stay in place 2 ½ more years. I highly recommend The GPS Tracking Network to any and all parents of teenage drivers! "
Bill and Ginny Elder



"We have used the tracking in the cars of all three of our children. When my teenagers started driving, it was both an exciting and scary time! Knowing that we could log into their accounts and see where they are and how fast they are driving really made the transition easier for us as parents.
Additionally, all of our teens knew that we had the unit installed and that we could check on their speed, location, etc. at any time, so I think that helped reinforce good driving habits from the beginning! I can't imagine turning a teenager loose in a car without The GPS Tracking Network! "
Ronnie & Lisa Owens
Customers since 2007




"My son has a thought disorder and as a parent I need to know that I can reach him at any time. While driving it's particularly important to be able to know his whereabouts. I have been using GPS Tracking Network for quite some time. It's a wonderful system, accurate, easy to use and very reliable. You can well imagine how comforting to know where my son is and to know he is safe. "

Bill P

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