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Enfora GPS Modem Specs and Service Pricing.


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A compact, self-contained device, TrackerTEL PLUG-N-TRACK unit offers on-board diagnostic (OBD) features without the high cost. The TrackerTEL PLUG-N-TRACK tracks traditional GPS locations based on movement rates, turns, distance, or any combination of these factors. The TrackerTEL PLUG-N-TRACK also provides alerts based on speed violation, RPM thresholds, and excessive acceleration and deceleration and more.




System Features

Easy installation video

Easy to install.
Small and lightweight.
Provides auto-alerts to cellphone on rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration (hard breaking).
Provides in-motion alerts to cellphone on excessive speed.
Monitors max RPM thresholds (raving the engine).
Monitors vehicle battery voltage and auto-alerts to cellphone when low battery levels are reached.
Monitors fuel % level and average MPH. (not available on all vehicles).
Optional pass through cable enables easier access for diagnostic tests .
  • Dimensions: 2" Lx 1.8" W X 1" H (50.8 mm x 45.7 mm x 25.4 mm)
  • Weight: < 2 ounces
  • Housing: ABS plastic
  • Antenna: Built-in GPS and cellular antennas
  • Environmental Requirements: Operating Temperature: -2r F to 167" F (-300 C to +750 C)
  • Power Source: Powered by vehicle; no additional power source required

Exclusive TrackerTEL Monitoring Features

  • 2 minute auto-reporting update

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