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Tracking Solutions
Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Fleet Management Solutions

Garmin Messenger
Garmin Messenger
TrimTrac GPS Modem Specs and Service Pricing.

Asset Manager
Asset Manager Asset Manager

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management


Fleet Solution Maps

TrackerTEL GPS™  allows you to control cost, increase productivity, increase speed of service and employee safety. The TrackerTEL GPS™ tracking system allows you to maximize your fleet efficiency, deploy equipment, field service and sales personnel quicker in day-to-day operations.


Detailed Historical Reports

Review customized  reports from any date. See data on vehicle stop history, excessive idle time, mileage, and more.


Driver Behavior

Run speed reports against posted speed. Match company fuel going in company vehicles.

Complete Report

View the entire history of a vehicle/employee day/week/month activity.

Fleet Manager Sceen 2

Monitor and track your fleet’s activity with the GPS Tracking Network’s GPS monitoring network. Our maps are the industry leading provider. Whether your need to locate a vehicle, find a address or run one our 28 custom reports the GPS Tracking Network has the answers.

Check Location

Quickly see your whole fleet, their activity, and manage your drivers.


Satellite Imagery

Not sure of a address, with satellite maps see the location on a picture.



Search, plot and save all important landmarks and locations on your map.

Fleet Manager Screen 3

A well maintained fleet will increase productivity while limiting down time. Our “Fleet Maintenance  Management” tool  features will keep you connected to your fleet maintenance interval with auto notifications to your email or phone. Never miss another  oil change, tire rotation, or any vehicle scheduled maintenance need  –  get notifications by days, miles driven, or engine hours.


Fleet Maintenance

Receive notifications   to your email or phone for oil change, tire rotation, or any vehicle scheduled maintenance need.



Know your fleet odometer mileage for registration and emissions renewals.


Fuel Receipt

Monitor fuel purchases to better manger your fleet  run efficiency.



Fleet Management Screen 4

TrackerTEL GPS allows you to get the right vehicle to the right location, fast and accurate. Use our “search location” feature to plot your next stop and find closest vehicle. Need to communicate that address to your driver? Don’t make a call that might compromise their safety. Use our “send address” tool to get that information directly to your driver’s phone or tablet.


Live Traffic Conditions

See right from our site the current traffic conditions in your area.


Text Messaging

Send that important message to your driver directly from our site.


Closest Vehicle

Don’t spend valuable time guessing. Get the right vehicle to your customer.

Mobile Fleet Management

GPS Tracking Network’s “Mobile Manager” allows you to monitor your activities while on-the-go. Don’t caught not knowing. With the GPS Tracking Network you can dispatch from any smartphone or internet accessible tablet. See your fleet in real-time or review a historical track

Mobile access for dispatchers and drivers

Benefits across industries: reduce, improve, streamline.


Garmin Solutions Garmin Messenger
PND-based Mobile Resource Management Solutions How it works

“GPS Tracking Network” GPS and Garmin portable navigation devices (PNDs) are a key part of today's most useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet monitoring solutions. Working with “The GPS Tracking Network”, Garmin PNDs provide the interactive navigation link that's been missing in fleet management systems.

Garmin & “GPS Tracking Network” provides a Fleet Management Interface Tool Kit to enable any Fleet Management solution provider the ability to plug their service into our PNDs for the complete customer solution

Drivers now have a "screen" in their vehicle for real-time navigation, messaging, and job dispatch capabilities to help them be more efficient

 “GPS Tracking Network” and Garmin PNDs are installed in each vehicle.

Garmin PDN     Fleet Management         GPSTN               Mobile Network                GPSTN
                                 Interface Cable          GPS Modem                                                    Browser

Garmin Solution

With “GPS Tracking Network”, the Garmin PNDs double as navigators and mobile data terminals in the vehicle, while the LT1 GPS Modem & data transponder unit provides seamless connectivity to the monitoring center via a wireless mobile data network.

The “GPS Tracking Network” fleet management and dispatch messaging interface enables direct-to-driver communication via text messaging, as well as instant re-routing with "new destination" message prompts.

Standard protocols:

Text Message Protocol

Allows text messages sent to device to be displayed in "inbox" on unit.

Garmin can provide confirmation that message was received

Garmin can also provide a yes/no box below the text of the message to enable a simple quick response

Messages can be up to 128 characters in length

Messages can also be generated from device and sent to dispatch/office

Messages received will be notified to driver through a pop-up alert on Garmin screen

Garmin provides a "virtual keyboard" on device through a touch-screen format for all text communication

Auto-Arrival at Stop Protocol

This feature is used to tell the Garmin PND to automatically detect that it has arrived at a Stop and then to prompt the driver if they would like to mark the Stop as done and begin navigating to next Stop on the list

Auto-arrival can be determined by how long the unit is stopped close to the destination (in the event driver has to park and walk) or by how close the unit needs to be to the destination before the Auto-arrival feature is activated

Enhanced protocols

Canned Responses/Messages

Fleet managers can communicate by sending up to 120 "canned" responses from server to be stored directly on Garmin devices

Drivers can store up to 120 canned messages, eliminating the need to type while driving

Driver ID

Know the who, what, when and where for every vehicle in your fleet

Provides drivers the ability to login before starting their day with ID's up to fifty characters in length


Asset Manager Icon Asset Manager


Asset Manager Screen

Battery-powered Asset Tracking Device

Asset Manager Device


Asset Monitoring for the Next Generation
AT 3000 provides IP 66/68/69 rating and with up to a 5 year configurable battery life. Fixed or mobile, assets need to be monitored for regulatory compliance, security, national defense, operational efficiencies or just peace of mind. 


AT 3000 features a 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, and includes onboard geo-fencing capabilities as well as dynamic geo-fencing for asset security, locking assets to new locations. The GPS AT101 is design with optimize motion detection, location monitoring, reporting and geo-fencing capabilities, all of which will help match battery life and service availability for your application.


Droid Solutions
Droid Solutions Complete form to receive FREE PockiTrack APP

PockiTrack is a “GPS” tracking service “FREE” for up to three (3) Andorid Smartphones and/or tablets per account. The PockiTrack App is perfect for families to locate an Android mobile device in “real-time” or view a historical track of its traveled path and activity. Use the PockiTrack App to locate and monitor children, 1st Time Teen Drivers and loved ones. With PockiTrack you can send instant alerts, with location in case of an emergency, to other phones on the same account.
Commercial fleet managers/owners can utilize PockiTrack and the many features offered by the LiveTrack1 Online software to maximize their day-to-day efficiency and productivity.
LiveTrack1 Features:

  • On Screen Mapping by Street Name and Block
  • Path & Heading
  •  Speed Monitoring with Auto- Notification
  •  Daily Text Reports Automatically Generated such as Speed Report, Location Report, and more…
  • GEO Fencing with Auto-Notification
  • Unlimited Polling for 'Real-Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Historical Reports
  •  Programmable Events & Status with Automatic Notification
  • Daily Text Reports Automatically Generated
  • Advance Security Features for Rapid Emergency Response
  • Creates Advisories for Unique Situations
  • Address Look-Up Feature along with Showing Closest Unit
  • Live Traffic Conditions Viewed on Map
  • Live Weather Conditions Viewed on Map
  • Send Address to Phone/Tablet w/ Navigation
  • Send Vehicle/Employee Status “Start Day”, At Job”, “End Day”, etc w/ Location/Time
  • Send “Customized”  Forms…(this can replace activity forms currently used)
  • Much, Much More…

Pockitrack is also the perfect solution to recover lost or stolen devices.



Fleet Management and Business Solutions

Consumer/Personal Solutions

 If additional units are required, a charge of $3.99 per month for each additional device is required. Upon the request for additional unit(s), a customer service representative will email/contact you when the additional units are in your account. This agreement is month-to-month with a 30 day cancellation notice required.

To receive PockiTrack please complete the information form or call (855) 687-4GPS





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